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Maciej Karpiak

Born in 1977.


A graduate of WSSU in Szczecin - in 2004 he graduated with honors from the Faculty of Interior Architecture. During his studies, he was awarded three times with the President's scholarships for exceptionally gifted artists. As a student, he has been awarded many times in Polish and international design competitions.


In 2003, he was the first Pole in history to present prototypes of his furniture during SaloneSatellite in Milan. While still a student, he established cooperation with Spanish lighting manufacturers for which he creates his first products.


Since 2004, he has been running his own multidisciplinary design studio, Office for Design Maciej Karpiak. Author of over a hundred proprietary industrial designs, several hundred implementations in the field of interior architecture design, furniture design and architectural concepts.


In the years 2005-2009 he was awarded with numerous prizes and awards in competitions for the best product and the best industrial design.


Since 2010, the owner and chief designer of the Nuuun kitchens brand. In 2015, he received the main prize in the Interior Innovation Award competition organized by IMM Cologne with the patronage of the German-Design-Council for the Wall Kitchen project.


As the first designer in Poland, he developed designs and participated in the creation of technologies for mass production of mobile homes.


He deals with the creation of R&D departments and creative and artistic management in Polish factories producing furniture.


Since 2015, CEO design founder in the biotechnological company Spiruu, where he deals with the development of innovative bioreactor technologies and the design of ultra-modern multimedia devices of the future. For the concept of a bioreactor for home cultivation of spirulina, as a Spiruu company, he was nominated and advanced to the final of the Millenium Technology Prize 2016, which is the equivalent of the Nobel Prize in the field of future technologies that have the greatest impact on people's lives.


He focuses his interests very intensively on future technologies that are to improve life on Earth, as well as on the issue of transferring life to other planets.


The products designed by Maciej Karpiak took part in numerous individual and collective exhibitions in Poland, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, Great Britain, Russia, France, etc.


At the Academy of Art in Szczecin, he runs the following workshops: Bionics and Multidisciplinary Product Design.




Important individual and collective exhibitions:


2003- Salone Satellite Milan- individual exhibition

2004- DMY EU + Berlin- collective exhibition,

2004- Targi Poznańskie- Art Mebel stand- individual exhibition

2004- Moscow Fairs- Art Mebel stand- individual exhibition

2005- Targi Poznańskie- Art Mebel stand- individual exhibition

2005- Moscow Fair- Art Mebel stand- individual exhibition

2006- Poznań Fair- Art Mebel brand stand- individual exhibition

2006- Targi Poznańskie- Oggi brand stand (premiere) - individual exhibition

2006 - Trade Fair in Barntrup Germany - Oggi brand stand - individual exhibition,

2007 - Poznań Trade Fair - Oggi brand stand - individual exhibition

2007- Targi Poznańskie- Intermeble brand stand- collective exhibition

2007- Artinfo Dizajn- Polish roads, collective exhibition

2007- Łódź design- collective exhibition

2008- Gdynia Design Days- Icons of design, collective exhibition

2008- Zamek w Reszel, premiere of the Brand system - individual exhibition

2009- Artinfo Dizajn- Man and Project, collective exhibition 2009- Silesian Castle of Art and Entrepreneurship Artinfo Dizajn- Man and Project - collective exhibition

2010- Woonbeurs Amsterdam- Nuuun kitchens brand premiere- individual exhibition

2011- Meme Design Amsterdam- Nuuun kitchens showroom opening- individual exhibition 2012- Miyo studio Amsterdam- Nuuun kitchens showroom opening- individual exhibition

2013- Łódź design- collective exhibition

2013- Concept Gallery Antwerp- opening group exhibition

2014- Workshop of Wonders Utrecht - A Different Kind of Chic- collective exhibition

2015- Ruttkowski 68 Gallery, Cologne, Karpiak & Zieta exhibition

2016- series of exhibitions for LARK LEISURE HOMES - Cottingham Parks Lodge & Caravan Show in Cottingham, England

2017- Bejot - Arena Design Poznań - collective exhibition

2017 - Bejot Warsaw Home, collective exhibition

2018- Bejot - Arena Design Poznań - collective exhibition

2018 - Bejot Warsaw Home, collective exhibition